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Up M Earrings

Up M Earrings

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Silver M

Inspired by the organic beauty of coiled branches, these earrings were designed to harmonize with the ears, merging as if they were part of them.

They reflect natural elegance and complexity, with a design that emulates intertwined branches, creating a fluid and distinctive silhouette.

Beyond being a simple accessory, these earrings are an expression of the intricacy of nature turned into art.

In addition, we are expanding this collection to make it even more fun and versatile, following the line of our creations.

You have the possibility of personalizing these earrings with our Charms from the botanical collection, adding a special touch.

This feature makes them adapt perfectly to any occasion, allowing you to play and experiment with your style.

Available in two sizes M:3cm and L:3.5cm

Made of brass with 24 karat gold or silver plating.


- Prevent the jewel from coming into contact with surfaces and
abrasive, chemical or cleaning products.
Also avoid prolonged contact with water and do not
Store the pieces in humid places.
- Do not subject the pieces to constant exposure to light
sunlight or high temperatures when storing them.
- Do not apply creams, colognes, soaps or any other
cosmetic product with jewelry on.
- Preferably keep the jewelry in its box or a bag
of fabric, to avoid rubbing with other pieces or surfaces.
In addition to keeping them away from rubber objects,
which can cause the gold plating to darken.
- Clean jewelry only with soft cloths or
cotton rags slightly moistened with water
warm and, if necessary, neutral soap. In case of
need, you could use an extra toothbrush
soft, to access more complicated areas. Always without
subjecting them to excessive pressure or cleaning
too long, as this could also
deteriorate your gold plating. And making sure to dry them
completely after this process.
Use the cloth that comes with the parts to clean
possible areas blackened by time.
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