JUST TIE ME, is a designer jewelry brand without patterns, but more than that, it is a true commitment “for the LOVE of ART”. With a visibly marked style, sculpture techniques and artisanal jewelry are organically fused, with inspiration from nature, to create unique, timeless and genderless pieces.
The brand seduces, falls in love, hypnotizes... but above all it creates an emotional bond through the pieces with the hands that create them and Miriam Rodríguez, founder and creative director, who understands the process of making a piece of jewelry, is “guilty” of that. as an act of infinite dedication capable of empowering the person who wears it.
Perhaps for this reason, the story of SOLO TIE ME, to a large extent, is also the story of Miriam and her universes. A woman who decided to leave her life as a businesswoman and dedicate herself completely to her true vocation and who is capable of turning her own dream versions of the animal or botanical world into jewelry, with a very personal and unmistakable stamp.
Currently, SOLO ÁTAME is consolidating itself as a 100% Spanish brand committed to protecting the same planet that inspires its creations. In it you will find limited series or unique pieces, which will make you dream and fall in love, but above all discover the magic that a jewel can bring, when it is loaded with stories, meaning and dreams...
(…even from your dreams, because you can even make your own jewelry)