About me

From my workshop in Toledo, SOLO ÁTAME was born as a declaration of love for art. A signature jewelry brand where each creation is an organic fusion of natural inspirations, reflecting timeless and genderless pieces.

Each jewel, designed and produced by my hands, is an act of infinite dedication. I prioritize exclusivity, and I always make sure that my creations are limited editions, never exceeding 99 units in any collection.

My path into jewelry was unconventional. Despite having no academic training in this field, my vocational and self-taught passion has been the driving force behind each unique piece I design. My inspiration comes from the animal and botanical world, and each creation carries a personal and unmistakable stamp.

Additionally, I have collaborated on projects that resonate with the SOLO TIE ME philosophy, from fashion designers and artists, to luxury interior design and film projects.

Today, SOLO TIE ME is a testimony of commitment, not only to art and creativity, but also to the protection of our planet. It is a 100% Spanish brand that reflects my dreams, visions and the magic behind each jewel.

I invite you to discover the world of SOLO ÁTAME and feel the magic that each piece can bring.