Design collaborations

Hello! How are you? We welcome you to SOLO ATAME , a signature jewelry store that we assure you will exceed your expectations, far from typical conventional designs. We specialize in creating unique, unusual and artistic pieces , each infused with an essence of exclusivity and artisanal excellence.

Artisanal limited collections

Discover our limited collections that include earrings, necklaces, bracelets and much more , which are true works of art. At SOLO ATAME, as you can see, each piece is unique, featuring designs of animals, botanicals and more , transformed into unique and handcrafted jewelry.

Personal touch with our signature jewelry

We make each piece by hand with special dedication, reflecting our passion for what we do. At SOLO ATAME we remain faithful to the tradition of authenticity in the face of the homogeneity of today's world. Miriam , our creator, always manages to convey the meaning of her designs.

luxury design

At SOLO ATAME we are proud of our creations and of sharing them with all of you , having collaborated with prestigious fashion designers.

We are proud to announce our expansion towards new horizons, collaborating with companies in other modalities such as furniture and thus achieving a combination with our handmade jewelry.

Eager to share our art, skills and passion with a broader audience, we seek to not only present our creations, but also collaborate with companies of all types that need a touch of art in their projects.


We want the SOLO ATAME family to increase and become known as a unique designer jewelry brand, known for its innovation, quality and unmatched design. If you want to collaborate with us to take the world of artisanal and exclusive design further, do not hesitate to contact us!