Guía de cuidado de joyas artesanales

Handcrafted Jewelry Care Guide

How to care for handmade jewelry made of brass, metals and other delicate materials?

In the world of artisanal jewelry , especially when it comes to unique and designer jewelry like the ones we offer in our SOLO ATAME jewelry store, the care and cleaning of these pieces becomes an art in itself.

These types of designer jewelry are expressions of creativity and style, and as such, they deserve special treatment to preserve their quality . Today we will give you some tips to care for these jewelry made with materials such as brass, metals with gold or silver finishes, and other delicate materials.

1. Avoid contact with harmful elements

The first and most important thing is to prevent these jewelry from coming into contact with abrasive, chemical or cleaning surfaces and products . These elements can deteriorate the finish and integrity of metals and other delicate materials. For example, chlorine and other chemicals found in cleaning products can cause staining or even corrosion.

2. Protection against water and humidity

It is also essential to avoid prolonged contact with water . It is not recommended to wear this jewelry when showering, swimming, or doing activities that involve excessive exposure to water. Additionally, storing pieces in humid places can accelerate the oxidation process, especially in metals such as brass or silver.

3. Care in storage

When storing these jewelry, make sure not to constantly expose them to direct sunlight or high temperatures, as this can affect the colors and quality of the material. The correct way to store them is in their original box or a cloth bag to avoid rubbing against other pieces or surfaces. This tip is crucial to maintain shine and prevent scratches.

4. Avoid cosmetic products

An important tip is not to apply creams, colognes, soaps or any other cosmetic product with jewelry on . These products can leave residues or react chemically with the metals and other components of the jewelry, dulling its shine or altering its color.

5. Proper cleaning

To clean these jewelry, it is advisable to use soft chamois or cotton cloths . These should be slightly moistened with warm water and, if necessary, neutral soap. It is important to avoid rubbing too hard to avoid damaging the surface. After cleaning, it is crucial to dry the parts well to prevent residual moisture from causing damage.

Keeping your designer jewelry in perfect condition is not only a matter of care, but also of enjoying the exclusivity they offer. In short, by following these tips, it will be very easy to maintain its original appearance in the best way.

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