Cómo combinar joyas asimétricas

How to combine asymmetrical jewelry

Transform your style with handmade asymmetrical jewelry

Have you ever seen celebrities on TV, on Instagram or on TikTok wearing earrings or necklaces that are not the same on both sides but look amazing? This is what we call asymmetrical jewelry , and they are very trendy now. It is a trend that has taken over fashion for some time now, and is here to stay.

This type of jewelry allows us to explore creativity in our personal style in a completely new way. More and more influencers and celebrities that we follow are choosing this type of unique jewelry to show their personality and make their outfits stand out, and we are not surprised. But do you know the best? That you can do it too.

Asymmetrical jewelry is special because it doesn't need to be the same on each side to look good. Imagine a long, shiny earring in one ear and a small earring in the other, long live the eccentricity!

This way of wearing jewelry teaches us that the rules of how we dress can be more creative and personal. And in fashion, sometimes, being a little different can make everything more interesting and fun.

At SOLO TIE ME, we want to help you explore and play with these asymmetrical designer jewelry . We will show you how you can mix and match these unique pieces so that you always look fantastic and feel unique, which is what you are. So keep reading, because we are going to tell you all the secrets on how to combine these jewelry so that everyone says wow! when they see you.

The era of asymmetrical jewelry

Asymmetrical jewelry, as we have seen on the catwalks of renowned brands such as Fendi or Valentino , breaks with traditional symmetry to give way to bold and unique designs. From mismatched earrings to necklaces that play with different lengths and shapes, this trend offers endless possibilities to express our individuality.

Why choose asymmetrical jewelry?

Opting for asymmetrical designer jewelry is a unique opportunity to reinvent the rules of fashion. With jewelry that can be used for both earrings and pendants , in many cases, you can transform a simple outfit into something extraordinary.

Tips for combining asymmetrical jewelry

1. Start with a focal point

When you start combining your asymmetrical jewelry, it is best to choose a piece that attracts a lot of attention and that you love . This can be a great earring with a special design, a shiny stone or even a color that stands out. This jewel will be the star and the rest of your accessories will revolve around it. By having a focal point, you ensure that your look has a clear center of interest that attracts eyes.

2. Balance in imbalance

Although asymmetrical jewelry breaks with the idea of ​​having everything the same on both sides, it is still important to maintain a balance so that your style looks harmonious and not too busy . If you decide to wear a very long and showy earring in one ear, you can opt for something more subtle in the other, like a small stud or even leave the other ear without the earring. This type of balance allows you to play with asymmetries without losing elegance.

3. Mix and match

Don't be afraid to mix different materials and textures. One of the great advantages of asymmetrical jewelry is that it gives you the freedom to experiment. You can combine gold with silver, precious stones with pearls, or smooth metal with rough textures. By mixing elements, you create a look that is totally unique and reflects your personality.

The asymmetrical jewelry made by us at SOLO ÁTAME offers a variety that allows you to play with metals, stones and designs, creating unique and personal combinations.

4. The rule of more is more

Following the trend that more is definitely more, combine several asymmetrical pieces . Rings, necklaces, and bracelets can coexist in harmony without the need for perfect symmetry. This means you shouldn't be afraid to wear several statement pieces at the same time.

5. Incorporate color

Color can be your best ally when combining asymmetrical jewelry . Wearing jewelry with vibrant colors can give your outfit a very modern and bold touch. Don't be afraid to combine colors that aren't traditionally seen together, as asymmetrical jewelry is perfect for exploring new combinations.

6. Prepare for every occasion

It is very important that you consider the occasion for which you are choosing your outfit . Asymmetrical jewelry can be very versatile, but it is important to choose the right pieces for each event. A look for an elegant dinner may require different jewelry than one for a casual day.

Integrating asymmetrical jewelry into your daily style

Jewelry doesn't just complement an outfit; In many cases, they define it. Asymmetrical jewelry provides creative freedom that can fit any occasion, from a casual day at the office to a black-tie event. This is where the versatility of asymmetrical jewelry really shines.

We invite you to explore our asymmetric and unique collections

At SOLO ÁTAME, we are super proud of our handmade asymmetric jewelry collections, designed and created with a passion for originality, and being one of the elements that most characterizes us. We invite you to explore our unique items.

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